BushyBush Children's Art Demonstration

Sunday, 3rd February 12am

Sunday 3 Feb from 2pm
Get your pencils ready to... Create your Own Creatures with the BushyBush artist Philip Aspden

BushyBush is an interactive drawing show for children; created by artist Philip Aspden; an exciting, fast-moving fun journey of cartoon drawing, poetry and inter-active creativity.

Philip shows brightly coloured canvases of such Bushy characters as Wispasmile, Wompybomp, Fumbly and Terrible Thin. Philip quickly draws Koalas, echidnas and the marvellous character, ‘Mouse in a Teapot’ and children try to guess what he is drawing. These wonderful characters go on a journey to find a mysterious creature that nobody has seen. It is believed that this creature looks after all the children, no matter where they may be. What could it be?

The Bushy characters go to meet Vincent Van Goanna, who they hope may have painted a picture of this creature – but no he hasn’t.

What to do? Philip says to the children; is this creature big, is it small, does it have big eyes? A big tail? What colours? Children start calling out what they think it may look like - and Philip draws. Lots of noise and drawing and some children are chosen to help Philip colour in the creature.

Children (age 5 to 12) are invited to participate in the creation of a new creature.

The registered artist will be given an A4 drawing paper and dry pencils to create their own creatures.
Final artworks will be able to be entered in the "Create your own creatures" Art Prize.

Children are invited to participate in the Art Demonstration workshop.

Artwork will need to be created on the A4 drawing paper provided by THE SPACE gallery