Selph - Ease into Meditation Course - how to create a practice that you love

Wednesday, 20th February 7:30pm
Wednesday, 13th March 7:30pm

Meditation is an important tool to rest the mind, rejuvenate the body and keep us balanced.

Led by Selph Yoga Curator, Amy G, this course will outline the what, why and how of building a personal and fulfilling meditation practice.

Open to everyone, this 4 week course will give you tools and techniques to understand what meditation is and how you can access it. By choosing the best tools for you, you can build a lasting meditation practice that you will enjoy coming back to each day.

Learn about the benefits of a regular meditation practice and get creative in your approach to finding inner stillness.

There is not ‘one way’ to meditate. You’ll learn the many gateways to a meditation practice to help create a calm amongst your day to day schedule.

This course includes weekly emails of teachings, suggestions and ideas, as well as a guided meditation.

You will learn:

  • Instinctive meditation techniques, finding natural gateways into stillness
  • Benefits of meditation, how to build consistency
  • Setting up a meditation ritual, varying what you need each day
  • Tools for building your meditation skill bank
  • Resources to help you get started and continue in making meditation a habit

What to bring:

  • Journal and pen

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing to move and sit in.


Members can enjoy 10% off the full course price, please contact the studio directly for your unique discount code.

Date - 20 Feb 2019

Start time - 7:30 pm

Duration - Every Wednesday from 20th Feb – 13th Mar, 60 minutes