Black Dog Ride Sydney Send Off

On Monday 30th of October, about 40 odd Sydney based riders are heading out of town to commence their Charity fundraising works en-route to Tasmania. By the time they get to Canberra there’ll be 70 of them and by the time we all get to Hobart, nearly 300! 

Yeah... we know it's a work-day but YOU'RE invited to join us at The Cannery in Rosebery to wave farewell to the Sydney based riders as they head off to Hobart, Tasmania. The Cannery tenants will be putting on a Brekky BBQ and Coffee with all proceeds kickstarting the Black Dog Ride’s fundraising efforts. 

We'll be joined by NRL royalty Benny Elias, Steve 'Blocker' Roach, Ex MotoGP star Kevin Magee and Noiseworks & INXS singer Jon Stevens.. Come on down and grab a selfie! With a bit of luck, we may even get to do a live cross to the TODAY show sometime before 09:00! (get your mug on telly…)

Gates open from 08:00 and The cannery's carpark is cleared for motorcycles only until 11:00AM . Rider briefing will be at 10:30 and we'll be mobile by 10:45 so if you take a morning off work, you could still be work by midday… or better yet, chuck a sickie and ride to Nowra with us..! Come on down!!

Seriously, If you're a rider you may wish to join us as we parade out of town and if you’re not.. you might just want to join us for brekky and grab a few selfies with celebrities.. either way, your presence is welcome. Please invite your friends and family too..

Any questions - email ‘em to Peachy :